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Has a new trademark filing revealed Nintendo’s next classic console revamp? The aforementioned trademark, spotted by Japanese Nintendo covers a video game program, a joystick for a video game system, a controller for a video game system, and a TV game machine. What exactly those specific phrases mean is unclear, but if we take a look at the previous trademark design filed by the company in 2017 for the iconic triple-pronged controller below, it’s pretty clear what console it will be. Now, it’s possible that Nintendo has filed this trademark over intellectual property concerns, but considering that the Japanese games company took similar actions prior to the release of the SNES Classic Mini and the NES Classic Mini, it’s a safe bet that an N64 Classic Mini is on the way. With luck, Nintendo will have the good sense to make the N64 Classic Mini compatible with the original console controllers. After all, the retro console is still widely available and many people still own them. If not, the N64 Classic Mini will have to ship with four brand new pads.

N64 Classic: Everything you need to knowN64 Classic release date: When’s it coming out in the UK? There’s been no official announcement from Nintendo on this matter. In fact, they have not even confirmed the existence of the console whatsoever, let alone when it’s going to be launched. Based on the recent trademarks, however, it’s possible that we may see the N64 Classic Mini by the end of 2018. N64 Classic games: What can we expect to play on it? Like the insanely popular NES Classic Mini, it’s almost certain that Nintendo will launch the N64 Classic with a collection of the console’s most popular titles, in an enhanced format via the Virtual Console on the WiiU. Currently, the Virtual Console has 21 N64 titles, which is the same number of games as are coming to the SNES Mini.